Compression and Benefits



“Let it all hang out” is fine for one emotionally but not physically! 

Yes, one should relax emotionally and not be constricted by self/social mores and restrictions. Within the realm of kindnes, we personally believe one should speak their mind, be uninhibited and have fun.

BUT amazingly it has been proven when it comes to the physical - one can benefit physically and emotionally from “constriction” aka "compression!

Consider this: 

  1. Wearing compression/girdle material can be very therapeutic psychologically  - it has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety while keeping your body contained and “in check”. 
  2. Wearing compression material on your torso can actually improve your posture and help strengthen the spine without causing strain on your back and  correct posture. 
  3. Using compression after a workout, can be part of a smart recovery program to facilitate healing and improve strength development.  Compression worn around the abdomen can help increase the flow of oxygen to remove lactic acid, leading to faster recovery after exercise.

  4.  Wearing a girdle (and therefore compression material) around the waistband enhances an hour glass like figure you might aspire to and having that will boost self esteem and confidence and has been shown to make one feel more powerful and commanding!              All the best, Nancy and Trish 

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