Skirdle: The Skinny Skirt

About Nancy and Trish

About Us

We are a set of identical twins who would like to age gracefully with comfort and style. The idea of getting into "shape-wear" in addition to clothing is very unappealing - especially in Florida where the climate is becoming increasingly warmer. We endeavored to find a solution - so we did - with the Skirdle!

Our History

We have a background in psychology and health in addition to being raised close to NYC fashion (our mother worked for various designers in the Garment district). We hail from NYC and Greenwich Ct where we hosted the "Health Secret Show" (and founded the Health Secret Foundation* (a 501c3 corp) We are firm believers in "looking good" is "feeling good" so we bring both  together in the "Skirdle" where a woman can feel and look her best. Being native New Yorkers we were able to commission the best fashion contacts and collaborated on designing the smartest skirt on the market. A (mild) girdle that is a skirt - or a skirt that is a (mild) girdle! "LOOK your best - and FEEL your best'!

Our Style

Call us old fashioned - but we are not comfortable wearing leggings to every event! We searched for the classic skirt but they were hard to find.

It seemed the closest thing to a skirt was the omnipresent "skort" - which we find too short , too wide and too bulky. The Skirdle seemed the answer!

Skirdle The Skinny Skirt

Why The Seahorse?

We chose the Seahorse as our insignia because it is a most graceful, beautiful and colorful creature. The ancient Romans and Greeks considered the seahorse to be a symbol of power and strength. The ancient Europeans, considered these creatures a symbol of good luck and charm and traditional Chinese medicine believes the seahorse has healing properties! Most appropriately though, the Seahorse is a master of camouflage and that was our intent when we created the Skirdle - to camouflage that little tummy we all seem to acquire!

             The seahorse captures the very essence of the "Skirdle"!


Our Policy

Our Policy

Our skirts are all handmade (no two are exactly alike) in the United States. By purchasing our skirt, you will be supporting American seamstress talent trying to succeed in a very competitive global market.

Our Team

Our team

Our company is evolving and growing in every way and would love to hear from you. Our team is standing ready for questions, suggestions and/or comments!

Our customer service line is open 10:00 -5:00 p.m. EST