Feeling Good and Avoiding a Stroke

Everybody knows that one should quit smoking, drink moderately exercise and eat  a high fiber diet - key measures in avoiding a stroke. But did you know that Avoiding "bad fat" is key - Most women today drench their salad with their favorite off the shelf dressing. 99% of them contain conola oil - a "bad hydrogenated fat" The trans fats in hydrogenated vegetable oil can increase the level of inflammation in the body which in turn increases the amount of plaque deposits in the arteries. Inflammation then causes those plaques to rupture and cause a stroke. Your "healthy" salad may not be so "healthy". Make your own dressing with other oils like Flaxseed, Olive or Avocado. Add some lemon, apple cider vinegar and/or white vinegar, water and seasonings - you'll be doing your body a favor. Also don't forget to take supplements. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that speeds up the breakdown of LDL cholesterol. Vitamin B and folic acid also control homocysteine levels  - a risk factor for stroke.

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