Feeling Good and the power of nutrients.

Unfortunately and sadly, suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States today.  Untimely deaths like Robin Williams, Kate Spade , Anthony Bourdain and recently Naomi Judd, are all incomprehensible. Like these celebrities, many seemingly successful and well adjusted young and elderly adults choose to end their life -  to the distress of baffled and broken hearted friends and family members.

The popular solution by the medical community is medication and/or "cognitive behavioral therapy". Community emphasis is to  "teach coping" or  "improve suicide help lines".  Families are encouraged to "reduce access to lethal means" "and encourage "social -emotional learning programs".  All good ideas -but effective?  With the rate of suicides occurring - obviously not effective enough.

Why is it that no one is promoting the mental health-nutrient connection? Our diets offer 1/20 the amount of nutrients that used to be in our food. Eg: we would have to eat 20 bowls of spinach to receive the same amount of iron in a bowl in 1950. Our food is irradiated, dyed, processed and genetically altered. In addition they are grown In nutrient void soil that is sprayed with insecticides and herbicides etc. If you can get Rickets, scurvy from a lack of vitamin D and Vitamin C repectively, why does a lack of minerals get any less attention/

Did you know that magnesium levels are down in foods 40 -  60% over the last century. Did you also know that symptoms of chronic magnesium deficiency include anxious behavior, hyper-emotionality, apathy, poor memory, confusion anger and depression! The nutrient - mental health connection will one day soon be understood and embraced.

So in addition to adding color to enhance your attitude and a "Skirdle" to enhance your figure - add some good minerals -  and in particular magnesium to your daily "feel good" regimen, to enhance your mental health! If you feel better you will look better. 

(See www.thehealthsecretfoundation.org to learn more)

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