The Power of Color!

At Skirdle our motto is “Looking Good is Feeling Good” and a slimming skirt is always a help to feeling good but in addition we have added color to our skirts. Color has been proven to help depression, optimize mood, build confidence and help stress levels.


In many of our skirts we use the color blue. The color blue is almost always associated with blue skies, which when we were children is a positive thing — it means playing outside and fun. Evolutionarily it also means there are no storms to come and good sun for crops. This is why blue reminds us of stability and calm. Blue is also the color of truth and wisdom and is linked to intellect and  is supposed to counteract tension. So why not put on a little blue to calm your spirit and those around you!



Almost all of our skirts have a touch of Gold. Optimistic and positive Gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. In the meaning of colors Gold is generous and giving, compassionate and loving .. the benefactor or patron sharing wisdom and wealth with others. It is a spiritual color inspiring knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the soul.  Gold is associated with sophistication, elegance, value, quality and status. Gold is the color of the winner, first place medals are always in Gold. 

So put on a little gold, get inspired and show the world who you are!



A few of our skirts have red. The color red is a warm and positive color. It is energizing and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-will and gives confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. In Eastern cultures red is the symbol good luck.

Wear some red and feel confident and energized!



Skirdle loves the color turquoise! This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise and feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again! (Who doesn’t need that!) 

The color turquoise is a great color to have around you as it helps with clear thinking and decision making. It assists in the development of organizational and management skills and therefore good at multi-tasking. The color turquoise builds confidence and heightens creativity, and empathy.  It influences rather than demands. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul! Turquoise has strong powers of observation and perception and can be quite discriminating. It has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons, the right and wrong, of any situation. It is a good color to use when you are stuck in a rut and don't know which way to move.

Try on a some turquoise and see how your life benefits!


Color has influence!  Try some on and feel good …. !

All the Best 

Trish and Nancy

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