Tune In to the Power of Nature!

Feeling good is Looking Good and feeling good can be as easy as taking a stroll on a beach. Everyone loves to walk on the shore but not everyone knows that there is power to waves and that they can actually heal.

As you sit, stand or walk on a beach envision every wave as a soul cleaning energy. When a wave comes in imagine it bathing any war wounds and erasing any damaging  emotion or thoughts.  With each new wave let yourself be cleansed of any poisonous memories, injuries, past hurts or disappointments and see them all wash out to sea. Let each new wave bring strength, renewal and hope to your spirit and soul.  Just wading in the ocean water can help the soul as the ocean is a live element and will bring energy and power to your dreams and desires.

Wear a Skirdle while wading in the ocean and feel the power of looking good/ feeling good and watch dreams come true! . 

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